From time to time I stream video on

Vodpod videos no longer available.


7 Responses

  1. You’re off line again. Even when you’re off line, it would be nice to see that you’re not there. I think the whole idea of a web cam set up like this is to see if you’re there, and if your not, then we can see that too. Otherwise, we couldn’t just see if you’re there or not there. And, what if you’re not there and we think you are? Besides, we may want to see if you’re wearing your glove.

  2. Hi :] I see you!
    And I hear your father in the background talking on the phone.

  3. Doug should work for the department of redundancy department ;-0

  4. Hey there Ernie!

    Be careful of the soon to arrive millions who will now use up your bandwidth and clog your website!

    Your 15 mins is next. 🙂

    Have a Great Weekend Ernie and Kids!

  5. what game are you playing?!

  6. I don’t have a mic with me or I’d chat live

  7. OMG………………..tito, tissue please. Who will carry on without the glove now that the Ern is well?

    Great work Ern..ster! Please no MOON shots here.

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