HDR Photography

Ross Cottage

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Ross Cottage

This is a Tone Mapped HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. It was created by combining three images. The three images were taken with bracketed exposures of 0, ± 1-1/3 ev. The post processing software allows you to create some interesting effects (Tone Mapping) or a more natural looking image with a larger dynamic range.


Lakewood Home mostly destroyed by fire

The sound of fire trucks never seemed to stop while I was watching my sons baseball game at Lippold park. From where we were watching the baseball game we were 1.5 miles from the fire and could see the smoke. Our neighbor had just dropped her son off for his baseball game and told me that a home in Brighton Oaks located behind our homes, was on fire. I quickly headed back to see the action.

Upon my arrival no flames were to be seen, but the sight and smell of smoke lingered in the air. Fire trucks lined the street and firefighters were everywhere.

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