Daddy wants to give Mommy a “special gift”

Not the kind of a gift the Mommy would like, but something that will surely land the Daddy in the doghouse.

special gift

Check out the new children’s book from Microsoft. Its dedicated to helping your child understand the Stay-At-Home Server.

Microsoft Windows Home Server: Mommy, why is there a Server in the House?

Be sure to read the funny fine print on the second page of the book.


Introducing The Zune Phone!

Microsoft is known as innovators (copy cats) in the industry. I didn't think they could top the Brown Zune but they did.
Introducing the Microsoft Zune Phone. It's an amazing piece of… well just watch for yourself.

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Microsoft launches its first cell phone

Microsoft Releases its long awaited cell phone.

They have quite a catchy name for it also. They call it the “oFone”. Relying on the successful development team for it’s Zune MP3 player and with help from the Microsoft Bob group.  I’m sure this design will become the standard adopted by all of the other cell phone manufactures. Hey this isn't a home run, but it sure is a Triple Play.

Be sure to check out the first commercial for the product. It is amazing!

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