Running The Chicago Marathon 10-10-10

I’m running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow. Actually this is my third marathon. No I’m not actually running the 26.2 mile race. But the spectator-race does require a lot of walking and running to catch the various modes of public transpiration to travel throughout the city. So that makes it a marathon of it’s own kind.

To take a page from the marathon runners handbook, I too will eat a pre race carb-loaded dinner and head to bed extra early Saturday night.

If your not sure what route the racers take for their 26.2 mile run through the city, check out this Chicago Marathon map.

There are about six people that I setup runner tracking text messages to be sent to my cell phone. This has never worked very well for me in past Chicago Marathon races, but I’ve activated it again this year. Hopefully this tracking will assist me in locating friends as they run past amongst the masses of people.

For those of you not going into Chicago tomorrow to cheer on friends, you can track my location from this page. I’ll temporarily activate Google Latitude (location mapping application) on my BlackBerry. This will place my location on the following Google map in real-time. Cool stuff! Just click on the link below the map to view a full screen version.

I will be joined in this day-long adventure by veteran Chicago Marathon runner (2007, 2008) Margie (she’s my sister too)!

Google Latitude Badge. (Example)

To view a larger map click here.

It’ll be interesting to see the results of where was and how far I traveled. I will write a follow up post with that information.

Now that the race is done, the Google Latitude maps were replaced with static images.