Genie from DirecTV Isn’t Ready For Prime Time!

We recently had a DirecTV Genie HDDVR and 3 client boxes installed at our home. It was replacing our longstanding trouble-free Comcast CATV.
We were rather excited to “upgrade” to satellite TV with a HDDVR. The install went smoothly and the system was working OK.
Several days later the problems started occurring…
Brutally slow navigation of the guide. Restart the Genie.
Client TV’s had white screens. Restart the Genie.
Client TV’s had white screens again, and again, and again. Restart the Genie…
Playback of recorded content, audio & video dropped out. Rewound, played again, same result. Restart the Genie!
Almost every time this occurred I contacted DirecTV customer service. We’re aware of the problems, engineering is working on it, a fix will be coming soon. Coming soon. Coming soon, in 48 Hrs.
Genie isn’t ready for prime time!
Since you can’t seem to solve these problems, we are hopping over to the other satellite TV company.

DirecTV Genie Worst HD DVR